8 Foods That Ruin Your Sleep – What To Avoid Eating At Dinner

eight foods that ruin sleep

Dinner is the meal that must be served at least 2-3 hours before sleep. It is necessary to have this time between dinner and sleep so that the food will have time to digest properly so that we can have a restful sleep. At dinner, we should eat foods that are easily digestible.
We also should eat less in the evening when compared to breakfast or lunch.
Some foods we can’t consume at any giving part of the day, and especially not in the evening. Energy drinks are very bad for us if we drink them in the second part of the day. Also, pasta and sugar are to be avoided.
If you cannot sleep or wake up feeling unrested and tired, there is a big chance that you ate something quite late or simply ate foods that are not recommended before sleep.

Here’s a list of foods that are not recommended to eat at dinner

SALMON is one of the foods that spoil our sleep because it contains omega 3 protein and fats. These fats give us a lot of energy so it will be better to eat them at breakfast or lunch

NATURAL CHEESE is recommended to be consumed at breakfast because matured cheeses contain thiamine.
This substance stimulates the brain giving us many sleepless nights.

natural cheese


CHOCOLATE gives us much energy, and therefore it is preferable to eat it long before sleep. Although it helps us to calm down, chocolate also stimulates the brain, thus ruining our sleep.



CHIA SEEDS are very healthy and very good for the body, but they should be consumed in the first half of the day. Chia is on the list of foods that give you energy. Chia seeds can retain up to ten times their weight in water.

chia seeds


BANANAS give you more energy than an energy drink. In general, you should eat these types of foods before going the gym, but not before bedtime, as they are foods that spoil your sleep. Pears have a similar effect also.



ALMONDS are also energy-giving, although we may be tempted to eat a small amount before bedtime. The energy is provided by the monosaturated fatty acids.



Kale, along with other green vegetables, is full of vitamins C, K, calcium, and beta-carotene, all of which help you get energetic.
So it’s best to enjoy it at lunch and not at dinner!


We notice that at dinner time we need to be very careful in choosing the foods we are going to eat because most of them give us extra energy, an energy that we do not need at night.
Sleeping is the time that our body uses to rest. We shouldn’t use it to process foods that we ate before sleep.