Egg White Face Mask Treatment To Remove Blackheads and Dark Spots

egg white face mask

The egg white face mask works wonders even with the most stubborn blackheads!
The albumin proteins absorb excess sebum from the skin and hold it together, shrinking the enlarged pores where the blackheads form. Apply this mask treatment every night, for a week, to see the results.

To make an egg white face mask, beat two egg whites using a whisk or a mixer until they become puffy.

You have two options of applying the egg white face mask

Option 1: Identify the areas on your face where you have blackheads and apply the egg white mask. Also, use it on your cheekbones and chin. Then put on top a paper napkin, pressing lightly until it sticks.
Wait for a few minutes until the egg whites dry, then apply another layer over the napkin. After that, let it dry. When you feel that the face tightens, slowly remove the napkin and wash with warm water.

We use the napkin as a patch because it helps the egg whites to peel better and removes the blackheads off the skin as they stick to it.

Option 2: Apply the egg white on the face in 3-4 layers, without using the napkin. Wait for the first layer to dry and then continue with the next one.
It is crucial to allow the egg white to dry before we wash it off to penetrate the pores and remove the blackheads.

This egg white face mask can be applied all over the face, but you should avoid using it near the eyes and mouth because it dries out the skin.