Foods That Cause Premature Aging

foods that cause premature aging

Experts say that nutrition has a significant impact on aging. There are some foods that cause premature aging and that we must avoid if we want to keep our skin healthy, young and beautiful.


We all have heard a lot of times talking about the risks posed by trans fat foods. However, it appears that products based on hydrogenated vegetable oils also have an adverse effect. We find this ingredient most often in pastries. You should always read the label when you buy such a product.

Dairy Products

These products favor premature aging. However, studies show that some people are prone to premature aging regardless of whether or not they consume dairy products. The number of people that are lactose intolerant is increasing every day. If you eat dairy products often, you should pay attention to signs that may appear on your skin. If such symptoms appear, you should consult a nutritionist.

Protein Rich Foods

Bacon and sausages can be classic breakfast foods, but they are rich in saturated fats and trans fats. By eating these products, you can cause an increase in cholesterol and lipid levels, which have a negative impact, causing weight gain and inflammation in the body. Furthermore, these fats need time, energy and resources for digestion and absorption, which creates a strain on organs involved in the process.

Foods Rich in Salt

Salt has a negative impact on health, especially on the skin. You will notice that when you eat salty foods for dinner, you will wake up with swollen eyes, swollen legs, and hands. This is due to the excess salt that also causes water retention.

Fried and Roasted Foods

They are delicious, of course, but fried foods are not good for your health. They contain too little nutrients and are often fried in the same oil with other foods, thus increasing the number of trans fats.