How To Cleanse and Protect Yourself From Negative Energies and The Aggression Of Evil

how to protect ourselves from negative energies and the aggression of evil

Cleansing from harmful energies and the aggression of evil

A complete technique for protecting the human body starts from the soul of each of us. To achieve more effective protection, we must first modify our way of thinking. It is essential to think positively, and from that moment, we can say that we are protected from the harmful energies around us.

After we manage to clean our mind from all the harmful energies, it’s time to clean our bodies and the spaces around us as well.
A very simple energy-cleaning technique is through WATER.
When we feel a burden of negative energy, a simple wash on our hands, or a simple wash on the face, can make us feel a lot better. You should also consider washing your hair because hair is like an antenna that attracts all energies, both positive and negative.

A cleansing of the human body of all negative energies is vital because it helps us to create a balance in our lives. When we have created this balance, we can think better; we can act better in all the situations around us. We can live our lives with a sense of calm and happiness.

Protection against harmful energies and the aggression of evil

The most important way to fight against the force of evil is to always have as an ally the force of good. This force of good always helps us if we, in return, help it back. How can we help it? By positive thinking, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with kind and loving people.

Psychologists say there are some techniques of protection against the aggression of evil, but everything is up to us, our soul and everything that surrounds us.
Faith and love are the essential methods of protection against evil. Faith in God and love for the people around us protects us from all the negative and harmful energies surrounding us.

Another method to drive away the forces of evil is a simple gesture made with your hands, namely the joining of the hands and also the crossing of the fingers. If for some reason, you can’t use your hands, you can do this with your feet, crossing them as an “X.”
Another equally simple method is to take baths with salt. You should know that salt is an excellent element that defends us from the aggression of evil forces.

Another very interesting method of protection is the so-called method of the ring. This method is done very quickly by joining the indexing finger from the left hand with the index finger on the right hand and then the thumb on the left hand with the thumb on the right hand, thus forming a circle. The remaining fingers are overlapped in the back of the fingers with which we formed a circle.

Positive thinking, along with a lot of faith and together with these little “tricks,” helps us to protect ourselves from the bad energies that can occur around us at any time of the day.