How To Eliminate Existing Phobias From Your Life

how to eliminate existing phobias

Have you ever been fearing something for no apparent reason? It may be a simple thing like fearing a piece of bread, or a potato, or a bicycle… You name it. You are terrified of some stuff but for no apparent reason. You can’t stand being near that object and you can’t understand why.
Well, you’re not the only one. These cases are more common than you may think. Specialists tell us that these phobias appear because of some trauma we had in the past in which our mind created a “fear program,” to protect you from a bad thing or situation.

In our lives, we all have the so-called “fear programs.” Let’s see exactly how a program of fear appears.

Virtually all programs that manipulate you, without being aware of it, are based on the different fears you have experienced over time in your life. It is necessary to remember that there may also be positive mental programs that help you in your evolution as a human being.

But let’s give an example so that we can better understand the process of how a program of fear appears.
Let’s say that, when you were a child, you ate a tomato salad at some point and, for some reason, you choked and it nearly killed you. From that moment a fear of tomatoes has installed, and you have never eaten this vegetable. After many years you still have the same adverse reaction when you see tomatoes. You cannot even bear the way they smell. When you’re being served tomatoes, you get up from the table and leave. And all this happens because you choked with tomatoes in childhood.

Your mind is like a computer software. It invents all sorts of things and tricks to protect yourself.
So, from the moment that you choked with tomatoes, as we discussed in our example above, your mind created a small program or software that protects you from being in contact with tomatoes in the future. Your mind then stores this piece of software in a folder somewhere in your mind.
But how does this program really protect you? It protects you by creating a fear of tomatoes so that you will never come close to this vegetable again.

Your mind is designed to protect you. It only understood what you were aware of, at that time: namely, that tomatoes are a danger to you, and that is why it created that “tomato scare” program.
Although the tomatoes were not the reason why you were choking but the fact that you did not chew and swallow properly, your mind has decided that tomatoes were the reason why you almost died. Instead of blaming your improper chewing, your mind blamed the tomatoes.

How can you eliminate these “fear programs”?

First, you need to identify the fear program that controls you in a particular direction. You must go back in time and determine the exact moment in which that program kicked in.

Once you have located the moment, you need to identify what the real cause of your fear, at that time, was. What was the exact situation that led to that fear? In over 90% of cases, you will see that, in fact, the real cause of your anxiety was not the thing or the situation with which you associated that fear, but in fact something completely different.
Once you are aware of the real cause, that fear program will disappear instantly, because you automatically reprogrammed the mind’s program or software, thus overwriting the old one.

And do remember that your mind is truly powerful. Don’t let your mind control you, instead try to control your mind.