How To Free Your Mind From Negative Energies in 4 Easy Steps

Clear your mind from negative energy in 4 easy steps

How to free your mind from negative energies. You would not have thought it was that simple

You cannot see the energy with the naked eye, but you can feel it.
Have you ever noticed that when you meet someone for the first time, you instantly like that person or, in some cases, you genuinely dislike that someone for no apparent reason? “Guilty” for this situation is the energy and vibration that each of us has. Some people have a positive vibration, while others have a negative one. People feel naturally attracted to those who have the same energy vibration. That’s why when you are in a negative state, you may feel attracted to negative people and rejected by those who vibrate positively.  This is also known as The Law Of Attraction.

Home and workplaces are areas where you store huge amounts of energy because of the time spent there. The thoughts that go through your head, the words you are saying, what you are doing, all these actions are extremely powerful at home.
So it is essential to eliminate the negative energy that might be already stored in these spaces, but also to stop emitting these negative energies so that we can start attracting good energies, peace, and calm vibes. Here’s how to get rid of negative energies.

1. You need to clean all areas and spaces around yourself

Every time you get rid of clutter, dirt, dust and organize your things inside your house, you reinstate order. A clean and orderly place feels light and luminous and these are energies with very high vibration. Your home and workplace are not just energy concentration places but also reflections of the inner state.

Move furniture and other things to get as much open space as possible. Open spaces attract good and positive vibrations while the crowded areas attract negative feelings and vibrations.

2. Cleanse your mind with the proper use of the word “but”

Every time you think or say something negative, add the word “but” to the end, then use a positive sentence to neutralize it. For example, “I can not afford to go to that movie, but there are a lot of free movies we can go to this week.” Be careful not to use “but” after a positive sentence.

3. Clap your hands or make some noise using bells, tableware or frying pans

Go through the house and clap your hands or ring some bells to destroy the negative energy patterns so they can be scattered. Have you ever noticed how bright and fresh everything looks after a quick summer rain? It’s exactly the same concept.

Noise and sound destroy negative energies. That’s why you always see bells around churches and monasteries. Also, the Tibetan monks use bells to purify and cleanse the spaces around them.

4. Meditate on the feeling of love

Love is the most wonderful and pleasant feeling in a person’s life. We can heal our soul with love. Love is the highest form of energy. You can carry this feeling with you and in the space where you live/work by meditating on it and by focusing on sending love to all the people you know.