Lemon and Celery Drink Will Help You To Lose Weight Fast and Stay Healthy

Do you think it’s impossible to lose weight, quickly and healthily at the same time?        Well, it is not! Find out that it is enough to prepare a lemon drink with celery and lemon. Both ingredients will fight with unwanted kilos, and if consumed together, their effect is even more intense.

Moreover, the lemon juice drink is not useful just because it burns calories, but it also offers other benefits to the body.


How to prepare the celery and lemon drink that will help you lose weight

You should know that both celery and lemon are the main ingredients in any lose weight diets. They stimulate digestion and burn calories consumed without having to put on physical effort.

You need:

– 1 kg of lemons
– 400 g of celery root
– 2 liters of water


Method of preparation

First, shave the celery roots, then put two liters of water and peel the lemons.
Put this mixture on low heat for 20 minutes, then leave it to rest for 5-6 hours.

Finally, squeeze the juice from a kilo of lemons. Mix everything well, then squeeze the liquid and store it in a dark glass.

Drink 100 ml of lemon and celery juice, three times a day, before main meals.

5 Benefits Of Losing Weight Drinking Celery and Lemon Juice

Decreases cholesterol

Studies have shown that celery and lemon drink, not only helps to eliminate unwanted kilos but is also an excellent natural remedy for cholesterol regulation. It stimulates the secretion of the bile, which plays a vital role in removing cholesterol from the body.

Strengthens the immune system

Another benefit offered by the slimming drink with celery and lemon is the strengthening of the body’s natural defense barrier. This natural remedy prevents the infection from being installed in the body, thus keeping you safe from germs and diseases.

Protects the cardiovascular system

Both celery and lemon have plenty of properties if consumed in raw states. Studies have shown that 3-butylphthalide, a compound of celery, relaxes the blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure. Lemon has also proven to be an excellent remedy against the cardiovascular diseases. The high magnesium and potassium content relaxes the arteries and favors blood circulation. Moreover, the lemons have flavonoid compounds, substances with beneficial effects on the health of the arteries.

Detoxifies the body

The lemon and celery drink also helps eliminate toxins from the body. If you suffer from constipation, you will forget about this unpleasant problem, because this remedy has a high fiber content and regulates intestinal transit.

Beautifies the skin

Another incredible result you’ll enjoy if you’re going to give this celery and lemon drink a try is that this treatment beautifies the skin. You will get a clean, bright, delicate and wrinkle-free skin.