The Words That Limit Your Life – Eliminate Them Today

words that limit your life

There are, in our everyday life, mainly three words and phrases that have a very low vibration. Specialists recommend us to remove these three words from our vocabulary because, by repeating them, we form a circle of energy that can be negative or have a negative impact on our lives.

 The words and phrases that limit our lives are: “I HOPE“; “MAYBE” and “DO NOT KNOW.”

It is highly recommended NOT to say “we will see” and never to say “I hope.”                The words “I hope” mean “I do not have,” “I can not” or “I do not want.”
When a person says “I do not think of anything,” in reality that person thinks a lot,         but not necessarily well.
When we say, “I hope you’ll be fine,” we can replace this phrase with “I know you’ll be fine,” because the latter is much stronger, bringing with it a wave of positive energies.
We are tempted to believe that the words “I hope” are good and positive words because they derive from a word that brings good vibration, the word “hope,” but in this case,   with the word “I” in front, it kills those good vibrations.

Words are very important because they represent the energy that we attract from the universe. With this energy, we can later draw the things that we need and will be of use to us.
The words “I Need” are used when we need something in the Universe; but the Universe comes to give us that, only when we have removed our thoughts from it. Also, don’t say the word “MAYBE.” Do not say “Maybe I will finish the project tomorrow.”                          Use it like this: “I will finish the project tomorrow.”

The words “do not know,” if used for you as a person, are destructive for both you and the person in front of you.
If you still use the words “do not know,” the one who uses them has to keep adding words to bring positive value to the statement.
Here is an example:
“I do not know when I will accomplish that.” – lower vibration
“I do not know when I will accomplish that, but I know I will do it soon.” – higher vibration

When we use the words “I can not,” we try to lie to ourselves, trying to use an excuse for us not doing that. These two words have very low vibration, along with “we will see” and “do not know.”
Using these words, we do nothing but subdue, thus lacking the courage to approach powerful people because, in our subconscious, we think there is a too much difference between that person and us.

We usually use these words to get out of some tricky situations, but sometimes, without realizing it, the use of these words has a negative impact on everyone. We have to learn to use only the words that have that beneficial sense for all of us and the words that are clear and full of positive charge.