Your Qualities Based on Numerology and The Month You Were Born

Your Qualities Based on Numerology and The Month You Were Born

In numerology, each month of the year has a numeric value from 1 to 9, then from 10 to 12, these values ​​are repeated. So October is again 1, November 2 and December 3. Those born in October, November or December are very different from those born in the same numerological months, respectively, 1, 2 and 3 or January, February and March.

JANUARY: January has a numerical value of 1. People born in January are considered to be pioneers. They are independent, individualistic, but they are also very skillful in solving any problems. They are full of energy, responsible and hard workers. They are those people that always say “I CAN.”

FEBRUARY: February marks the duality because February is characterized by figure 2. People born in February are attracted to partnerships and marriage. They sometimes want to escape from reality. They always aim for something. People born in February have a tremendous force, even if they are not leaders. They can do extraordinary things, but they will always be upset that they weren’t born as leaders.

MARCH: Those born in the 3rd month of the year are communicative, chatty, tolerant. They solve any problems, they like to improvise and make decisions under the influence of the moment. The people born in March are builders. Their slogan is “I ACCOMPLISH.”

APRIL: Those born in April, work hard, are limited, have some resilience, but they are very courageous. They are inventive but often have restricted areas, but being inventive they manage to escape these areas. Their slogan is ” I BEGIN.”

MAY: Those born in May have the number 5. They have irregular behavioral changes, they are stubborn, rigid, nervous, but instead, they are the ones who move the world from all points of view.
They are all grateful, all-knowing, good merchants and very good businesspeople. Their slogan is “I DO NOT DEPEND ON ANYTHING AND ANYONE.”

JUNE: Those born in June are indecisive. They have more obligations, tend to marry, are very polite but also very sensitive. Often they stand out as pretenders. They are nervous most of the time. June is the month of love and harmony. Their slogan is “I UNDERSTAND AND HELP.”

JULY: The following qualities dominate people born in the 7th month: reflection, study, and most of the time they are solitary. Sometimes people born in July are harder to understand; instead, they are like a magnet for others. Even if they want to be alone all the time, they manage to attract other people around them. They are sincere and friendly. Although they are hard to understand, sometimes they can also be very flexible. Their slogan is “I CONQUER”.

AUGUST: Those born in August are those who have a very fragile balance, they are workers, and sometimes they make great efforts to do something. They are romantic people, affectionate and brave. They are also great adventurers. They attract people easily into their entourage, advise and reassure them. They always want their merits to be recognized. They are trendy people and act like they are celebrities. Their slogan is “I WILL BLEND IN” and “I AM SHINING.”

SEPTEMBER: Those born in September are emotional, difficult to adapt, but still successful. They also have compassion, kindness, and criticism. Those born in September are eager to work in an organization because they are good organizers and managers.
Their slogan is “I KNOW.”

OCTOBER: People born in October are characterized by instability, change, and activity. They tend to speak a lot but are also good listeners and counselors. They are confident but emotional. They recover easily after a deception. Their slogan is “I COMMUNICATE.”

NOVEMBER: Those born in November are combative, nervous, honest and original in everything they do. They are energetic and have many ideas.They also improvise very easily. They manage to stand out with a simple “I THINK” statement.

DECEMBER: People born in December are lucid, creative, and optimists. They are laborers, loyal, generous, eager and often intolerant. They have a great deal of self-confidence. Their slogan is “I AM SUCCESSFUL.”